Energy crisis, Recession, Global Warming, What do you do about it?

@Pitgull (1523)
United States
May 12, 2008 4:48pm CST
Do you really care about these things? Are you concerned with the things you buy, paper products, plastics, etc? Do you recycle? *Have you ever seen the garbage truck going around picking up recycling as well? What is the point when they aren't even recycling yet, just trying to get people to start? We need to start....* what does your family do to help the earth? or at least to decrease the amount of waste you produce?
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• United States
13 May 08
in the usa i dont have the freedom or power to do anything. have u ever noticed how people drive everywhere, one school has a crapload of unneeded busses, noone here recycles and trust me on this recycling is not hard at all if ur government helps work on it. but back when i lived in belgium not only me did things about recycling and saving fuel. i will keep recycling small and explain saving fuel. in belgium it is a law that u have to recycle, if u break that law u will get a ticket. now about saving fuel, as u might kno in uerope teenagers dont drive but we have an alternative (which i love and miss) we have amazing public transportation it will take u anywhere at all any town or city, i think its better than teens driving for 2 reasons u meet lots of new people on the busses. and its alot safer because a freaking 16-year-old cant drive worth hek setting aside the fact that it saves greenhouse gasses.
@mnflower (1301)
• United States
12 May 08
The way the country is right now I buy the least inexpensive things, that includes food, clothes,household items, Nowadays I don't think I have the time to worry about global warming and recycling it cost to much to buy anything green, the prices are outrageous we need to save every extra dime into the gas tanks to get back and forth to work, I think alot of people are more worried about the gas prices than anything else for if we can't afford to buy gas we can't get to work..So I buy cheap and deal with it.Don't have money to pay for two pickups for the seperate trash companies.