what is the best way to live with a satisfaction and peace of mind?

May 13, 2008 2:50am CST
I've always think about the future, i ask myself what life will be tommorow? everyone wants to have a good life, a life that you can say or call that I AM CONTENTED and happy, no fears, no more afraid, secured financially and emotionally peace of mind.I am working at the government office but still not contented with my job, to the fact that im not a regular employee no benefits and insurance and any moment they can fire me out. Most of my relatives thinks that i am lucky because i work at the government agencies which they thinks that every employees have a good benefits but what they did not know was our office is hiring only a project based every 6 months contract renewal and if the administration or management change(every 6 yrs) theres a possibilty that they will not renew our contract for a change of the flow. Sometimes i thought I want to run my own business but i dont know how to start and what it would be. I dont have enough capital, personnel, places and products.whew!! what should i do?? can you give me advise my fellow bloggers.
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13 May 08
hi.i do feel the same when i am in bed in night.but i just want to say u some thing that past is unchangable,future is unknown,so just enjoy every moment of this present.let the future come let the past go.wew can do it.
• Philippines
13 May 08
welll...i can't probably say anything bout your queries... ITS really hard to say about this co'z we are not the one who directs our bright future paths and we don't even know what DESTINY may our life be..(?) i think let just be CONTENTED in what we had as of now...just let be FAITH direct us to better future...in coordination with off course the guidance of PRAYER to our dear "GOD"..submit to him all your worries now..an he'll for sure..gonna answer it.100%..just believe and have faith..## it'll probably gonna happened as what you've wanted.. @jam@ ~live live~ BE CONTENTED***