something about CABAL online

@chubibo (295)
May 13, 2008 6:37am CST
hi im a casual MMORPG gamer, one of the new online game that will launch here in the Philippines this coming June 2008 is CABAL you have any thoughts or advices on how this game works.. Are there any CABAL gamers in
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@sarasza (34)
• Thailand
29 May 08
I suggested you to complete all quest in the game. In this game, quest is the best way to leveling. you can have money to spend, item to use ane new place to visit by doing quest. another thing is about item. Red stone will increase its valuable day by day. Keep it in your mind, Red stone will give you wealth.
• Mexico
13 Aug 08
Noooo Dont make alot of quests if u make quests u will lvl up alot thats truth but u will get low in skills!!!
• United States
9 Jun 09
ya i play the american server of cabal. ive been playing since open beta.
• Canada
23 Sep 08
this game looked so cool when i saw teh trailers but then when it came out it was so disappionting.
• Mexico
13 Aug 08
I play in a latin america server.. it is very nice!! i liked it alot im like addicted.. you get money very fast. the skills are nice!!
@borgborg (821)
• Philippines
29 May 08
i have not tried playing this game yet. where was it originally released & how come i have not heard of it here yet?
@dante666 (18)
• United States
14 May 08
well actually i played the beta and the graphic's are nice th fighting is pretty good but it's basically doing the same thing over and over aton of quest's but not to many area's to go to the area's are pretty large though it's okay but i would rather prefer ragnarok online and to play a free version basically identical to the one that you gotta pay for go to great game