why are girls exploited?

May 13, 2008 9:46am CST
in past ,people used to never educate their daughters,but as the time passed people started educating their daughters and also treated them as they treated the boys,but this is not true in some places,specially in villages,there girls are made to work from the age of 5-6 and they are kept as though they are prisoners,and they are made to marry btwn the age 11-13,why is this done to girls,is this right,y are the parents only thinking about boys and not girls,y is this discrimination done to them,y friends pls tell me ,do u think it is right? don't u think they should be treated same as the boys are?should not they be educated?why are they exploited?
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• Singapore
13 May 08
Well, you can`t compare what is happening in certain countries to the US. Its not the same. Saurabhnagwan, like you said "in the past" believe it or not in those countries that people do this they are still living in the past , mentally i mean. Yes, to us it seems wrong but to them it is right. It`s hard to change their minds cause they are accustomed to it. Such processes takes time. You said "parents only thinking about boys and not girls", it means both a male and female are doing this. Like i said its thier lifestlye. Woman and Man are human beings with different purposes in life. But that doesnt mean man are better than woman. Both have thier strength and weakness to consider. Do not see how much more a man get only in terms of money. Also see what woman gets in other things. I am not being harsh. But what i am trying to say is that both male and female have some indifferences. When you ask a man, he would say the women has it all. Same thing ask a woman, she would say the men have everything. So we can see the point that the world is changing and is not seeing woman has second class citizens. In some parts of the world, well they will change i guess in the near future..
• China
13 May 08
There is an acknowledged emphasis on equality for all.So girls must have equal statue in society with boys.