unconditional love...

May 14, 2008 2:00am CST
this is one of my experience... why is it when you found the ryt one for you..and then w/ just click of an eye he's not existing on your side anymore?? or he's just giving you the time to realize how important he/she was on you?? what are you going to feel w/ this kind of situation??
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@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
14 May 08
Love is not about being together or possessing the person.. It's the love and care being showered and shown to u.. U can have the one u love beside u, but his heart is not there with u, so it's no point.. But if his body is not with u, and u know his heart and soul is always beside u, u will feel more at ease.. hehe
• Philippines
14 May 08
well...just accept the fact that to love sincerely to someone is not by showing it..and feel it to him/her...its actually letting go and better sacrifice yourself in giving up..than struggling it .for FATE is not into with your relationship.... actually even if you are both perfect to each other BUT if you are not destined to each other..NOTHING we can't do..but to accept it..@@ anyway if you had lost your LOVE LIFE..for now..it's OK..there are lot more important things to do here on earth than THAT...we can live life even if we're SINGLE..and do some charity works..it helps a lot to be loved and to loved by many who needs your attention most than loving only someone..## @jam@ ~live life~ keep it simple..**