GG client (Garena) VS B-net

May 14, 2008 2:13am CST
which do you prefer using when your playing DOTA all-star or other warcraft maps??? Garena more commonly known as GGclient or Battlenet??? and why??? me personally im using Garena when playing warcraft maps, i like their leveling system... you can gain experience playing any warcraft map, unlike Battlenet, you can only gain experience playing skirmish map... hehehe how about you guys... any insights???
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@xalimx (54)
• Malaysia
14 May 08
I noob and currently still in level 8 in GARENA. I'd prefer play DotA or CS rather than other games. Since I'm quite good in DotA but not so pro, I felt I played with noob and sometimes got leaver and lagger while play. Really stress coz I never ever finish game with 5 vs 5 players.
• Philippines
20 May 08
you should join a clan... and play at clan wars or shop to shop room, its better that way....
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• Philippines
20 Jul 08
i think the pro's nowadays are playing at garena and not battlenet.. because garena is more user friendly that battle net, and less lag too
• Philippines
9 Feb 10
Hello usherrusher20? Good day to you! I agree in your response! It's user friendly and besides more professional love to play in Garena because it is the game for gamers. In addition the Garena is very easy to be navigate when looking for an opponent.
• United States
22 Dec 10
I think bnet is better for americans because you can find a relatively higher skilled game quickly. Garena is better for scrims though
@sanhuge (13)
• China
13 Feb 10
ZMR,a Chinese platform