Do you Alt-Tab?

May 14, 2008 2:58am CST
Suppose that you're surfing the internet in the office and not working. A colleague or your boss goes to your desk and wants to speak to you. Do you hide the internet browser or close it immediately or do you just leave it there openly?
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@balasri (26554)
• India
10 Jul 08
Most of the time I do my office work from my home.So this question doesn't arise for me.
@secretbear (19466)
• Philippines
21 Jun 08
i didn't know about that special keyboard function! its good to know something new. well for me, i always minimize whatever window is open in my computer when i leave it. i don't really want my officemates especially my boss to see whatever it is i'm doing in the internet. although mostly i just check my mails in the office and its no big deal if someone sees it. but i just don't want them to think that i'm always internet surfing when i'm at the office.
• Pakistan
14 May 08
Yes i close my all open files when my boss come to me.but when my other coleags come to me i just minimiz them.and starts again when they leave