2nd series lost the spark

May 14, 2008 3:41am CST
I loved the first series of torchwood, it felt like a real adult programme, it was sexy and raw and worth staying up late for. The second series was too diluted to suit a younger audience. I presume because Doctor Who won't have a full series next year they are trying to fill the gap!! Bring it back to the adults and put sarah jane adventures on for the family.
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18 Oct 08
I loved series two. I wasn't so keen on the ides of it going to kids but I like the idea that they kept it adult with extra kids versions. With series one, I figured there was a lot to be worked on. In 2006, it took over as my favourite show immediately. Doctor Who was previously. With series one, I had no episodes I didn't like but there were a lot I thought could have been better and my favourite in series one was They Keep Killing Suzie without a doubt, to me, that episode summarises all that is Torchwood. But with Series Two, it was all fantastic, all the little niggles that I had that I thought didn't work properly were smoothed out, I thought the plot lines worked better and I do have my least favourite episode (Something Borrowed), as for my favourite, there are just too many to pick from. Ianto is my favourite character, I think Gareth David-LLoyd, Naoko Mori and Burn Gorman are the best actors on the show and Gwen and Jack got all the attention in Series One, with Gwen racking up HOURS more of screen time that Ianto, who I think is a much better character, and more than one hour more that the Captain who apparently is the star of the show. I like Jack as a character and I like how they made him lighter in Series Two, as if happier. To me, Gwen is a really really boring person, she is so over rated, and she treats Rhys like a moron. I love Rhys too. He's such a nice bloke (and really nice looking, in real life more than on TV though) and deserves more. As for Ianto, he's brilliant. He has to be the best looking man alive. No doubt about that, but his character, I love the way it has developed. We know the least about him, yet I find myself connecting to him. He has so many dark streaks but can deliver one liners like any professional comedian. The point of that was to say that Gwen's character was WAY over exaggerated in Series one and poor Mr Ianto was totally ignored in it. As for series two, I think their characters evened out a bit. Making Gwen a nicer person. I thought the end of season two was so much better than series one and I think that whole series was better as a whole. I think the thing with Doctor Who, I've seen some of Series Three of Torchwood, it seems to be more public but not more innocent. I don't watch The Sarah-Jane Adventures because I have a class when it is on but I agree with you, make that for the family and, not bring Torchwood back to the adults because I find it enjoyable as it is, with still some adult themes but not all the way though, but keep it as it is now. I would also like to see more of James Marsters in one sense... and more of Gareth David-Lloyd in the other sense.
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27 May 08
I agree with you. There were some good things in Torchwood this season, but as a whole I felt like that season was a bit stronger. I also wish that there was some more continuity between the first episode and the season finale. I just would have liked to have seen more build up instead of introducing some characters and a theme and then having them (with a few exceptions) pretty much disappear until the end of the season. I prefer Doctor Who usually anyway, but I don't want to see Torchwood go because this last season was blah. As for Sarah Jane Adventures, I agree. Let the kids and familes have that, let us adults have our edgy and dark shows for ourselves!