Body-building for hardgainers....

May 14, 2008 6:45am CST
If you have been lifting hard...NO RESULTS ! If you have been using all types of supplements....NO RESULTS! If you have been eating lots....NO RESULTS ! Then you are a hard-gainer and it is time to face this reality!!!!!! There are solutions to overcome this and here is how I overcome this because I was also a hard-gainer but today I am proud with my progress: 1. Use a well planned bodybuilding routine. Do not train all part of your body the same day. 2. Train thrice a week. 3. Always take rest in between. Remember sleep help a lot to achieve muscle mass -it sounds strange ?! But it a fact, after your training, make sure you get a good sleep of about 8hrs because your muscle needs to recover and your hormones works well when you are at the deepest of your sleep. Thus, to have a deep sleep, you must sleep with no stress and at ease. 4. Train intensely, that is slow down your weight when training.... 5. Use heavier weights although if you have to reduce your reps. The heavier the weights, the more your body is shocked...and the more your body respond to this shock by having no other way other than GROWING ! 6. Your diet must be well balanced..apart from shocking your body with heavier weights, you must also shock it by eating more proteins and calories. A balanced diet is very important. Eat more, I am not telling you to keep eating every time...but just increase the intake of your diet per day with more protein and calories. 7. Also change your exercises for particular part of your body, fore example, today you did seated barbell time you train biceps, do the standing barbell this your body faces different trainings and this contribute to shock your body and stimulate your muscle cells to grow. 8. A good supplement to assist your training that I used is creatine monohydrate. Have creatine, as per prescribed by the brand, before training. 9. Finally, Go hard or Go home. Now implement this routine to your training, and you will be surprised with the gains! No Pain, No Gain.....Go Hard Or Go Home !!!!
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@bluemars (952)
• Australia
14 May 08
Yes that is true there are many aspects to the whole mass gaining dream of many young men. I think you have pointed out the majority of things that one needs to take into account when thinking about gaining weight but also muscle weight. Eating well for hard gainers is a must and of course it goes hand in hand with the right training.
• Mauritius
15 May 08
yes my friend..are u also a bodybuilder, if so i wish u lots of success..and if not, i encourage you to be one...