Earthquake! I hope everyone is OK!

May 14, 2008 7:17am CST
On the afternoon of Monday, we were in the classroom when the earthquake outbroke. All of us stayed in the classroom for about one or two mintues because we didn't whether it was an earthquake or not. Then all rushed out. Later we got the lastest news saying the epicenter was in Wenchuan city, Sichuan province, where is only 55 kilo away from us. Everyone was in panic and began to call their families but all the phones went dead. Over the few days, we couldn't go back to our dormitorys and had to sleep outdoors because no one knew when the next aftershoke would come. To make things even worse, it bagan to rain in the midnight. This morning I got on the internet and read a lot new about the earthquake. I'm very sad. The death toll soars to some 15,000. I hope everyone will be ok! I can do nothing but pray people in the disater area will be safe!
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