Help required Urgent!!!....regarding computer networking

May 14, 2008 8:10am CST
Hi everybody. I recently got a job offer for the post of "Enterprise Platform Support" in an MNC. The problem is, I know nothing about networking...just the basics as I am a biotech guy. But I don wanna miss this offer. I need sme help here. 1. First, please explain the job profile to work and responsibilities. 2. How can I get the knowledge required to prepare for the technical part of the interview...or round three?? 3. How deep I have to go into networking (study) so as to sail past the interview?? i have got 3-4 days.... Thanx
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@freak369 (5024)
• United States
14 May 08
Are you serious? Interviewing for a job that you have no experience with means you are either going to have to lie about past experience or you already have lied. If you want to be responsible for majorly screwing up a company then go right ahead and take a job that you already know you aren't qualified for. It's posts like this that continually amaze me as to the utter greed and lack of moral fiber that exists today.
• India
17 May 08
Well well well....look who's here. Thanks for the lecture Mr. Morality. If I want a hearing..I wud consult my spiritual guru. By the way.....since u get baffled by reading these kind of posts....u must remain constantly in delirium as there are so many. I don't blame u....u must have ur own points and I respect that..but as for me, I am totally money the hilt. Conscience never could be a part. I have my own definition of morality. Thankx for the post. Only post when u have something useful....for the person who asks...