money earning from Net

May 14, 2008 12:45pm CST
I have spent considerable amount of time in finding ways to earn money on net. The best and the safest way is to make a website and monetize it by Google adsense/Yahoo marketing which i am already doing.But it is not possible for everyone to make a website and put in good content. When we search on net for money earning opportunities on net,most of the schemes offered are scams. Never pay for getting any service or program which claims to give you an auto income.Besides if you plan to join a program even it is free,best way to verify whether it is genuine is by searching on Google.For eg,if program name is it in google,first 2-3 entries in search results will be of the website of that program.But after you finds comments from various users who have used that program.What was their experience etc.Now putting in the words"has anyone earned form" in the search.Again you will get lot of feedbacks from the people who have used the program. Using the above technique i have found some different kind of revenue earning programs which are genuine: Earn money by writing articles Earn money by selling photos Earn money by writing reviews for different products. Earn money by social networking. After making a full list of the different programs,i have registered with all of them and started posting articles and other things.I have started earning some money and very hopeful that slowly i will be able earn a decent amount per month. I have strongly believe that if you share your knowledge with others ,in the end it will be beneficial to you only.I wanted to share this research of mine but also wanted some benefit from it(not monetary). After lot of thinking i came across this idea.I already own a website,so why not use this research in promoting my website.Some time back i had launched a tool bar for my website and i have now given all details of the above programs under the section "Earn Money".The users just have to download the tool bar and they will have access to the links for money earning programs along with some good resources on the tool bar. I look forward for the people interested to download the toolbar from my website and give your feedback on the same.I will keep on adding more programs after i am sure of there quality. My website you will find under my profile and i look forward for many downloads of the tool bar.
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