Are you dog tired,by posting non stop on MYLOT

Dog tired posting questions - Are you dog tired posting on MYLOT?
@go9999 (819)
November 1, 2006 10:44pm CST
Have you burnt all the energy posting just on MYLOT,are you neglecting your other paid sites.Isn't a balance required? What are you doing for it?
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@ezzie26 (187)
• Australia
4 Nov 06
actually now that you have mentioned it, i am pretty well dog tired, i cant keep my eyes open much longer! i might toddle of to bed! good night all.
@go9999 (819)
• India
5 Nov 06
How many post do you make in a day?
@timmeh0910 (1169)
• United States
3 Nov 06
Nah I'm not to tired, I can post all day. I listen to music, play poker, and talk on AOL at the same time however.
@Retta75 (94)
• Canada
22 Nov 06
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