how will u start your new day?

November 1, 2006 10:59pm CST
i start my day with a small prayer? and drink a hot coffee and read newspaper...what about you?
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• Philippines
3 Jan 11
I start my new day waking up and saying some short prayer. As I gets up from lying on my bed, I'm having two choices; to start a day in good mood or in bad mood. It became my daily routine and it helps me a lot. It makes my day complete and satisfied. Whatever happens to me, I am always making to choices. For example, me and a friend of mine quarreled. It instantly goes to my mind the two choices where I can choose from; to talked about our problem and be at peace, or to revenge at him and propose a war. Of course I always choose the positive one.
@Anne18 (11036)
4 May 08
Weekdays I always start my day the same way. I get up at 5.50am as I like the peace and quite before the children get up at around 7.30am. I come downstairs, put the kettle on, turn the pc on, open the curtains nad then let the cats out. Empty cat litter tray if need be. I then have a cups of hot water nad catch up on the pc, check forums, e mails.Tuesto Thurs hubby comes in from his night shift at 6.30am so have a quick catch up with him before he goes to bed. I then have to make the packed lunches and generally get the breakfast table ready etc. 7.30am I go upstairs wake my twins up and 10 yr old boy. Twins get up, 10 yr old gets up 15 mins later. Busy getting ready for school and school run. After school run., I either come home, do work as I work from home , or do housework. I sometimes go shopping anmd meet up with friends..... think this is to much, I think you just wanted first things..sorry I tend to let the words run away with me
• Philippines
1 May 08
pray then have coffee, then bathing,then go to work
@oresal (1350)
• El Salvador
2 Nov 06
by getting a shower
@nathanz (255)
• India
2 Nov 06
just get up..brush my teeth,,,n ...all routine..