Is it true that man can conquer nature

May 15, 2008 9:28pm CST
We can hear that man can conquer nature on many occasions,but is it true.Everytime when I was in troblue,I'would comfort myself that I can do it,I can overcome every difficulty But rcently,after so many people died in the earthquake,after seeing the pictures of so many homeless people,so many orphans,I can't do it anymore. I feel so helpless,I feel that we are so small ,negliglible,powerless compared with nature,Maybe we can change the world,but only in small aspects,only some superficial aspects, As for the natural disaters,such as earthquake,taunami,we can do nothing. So do you believe that oneday we can conquer the nature
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• United States
16 May 08
no, i don't think we will ever conquer nature becuase, even though we do have the technology to predict when many of these natural disasters are coming, still nature is bigger than us, and we are nothing but another species inhabiting earth.