first time seeing the first series of the new Doctor Who

United States
May 16, 2008 12:53am CST
i picked up watching doctor who after David Tennent took on the role of the good doctor and have been watching ever since. and i wanna tell you ...WOW. every second of each episode has me glued to the TV...but sadly i never got to see the first series. that is until i moved to where i am now. a friend of mine let me borrow it and i wanna tell you i emerged myself in it. it was a nerd fest for me...what i like to call an Epic win. from the adding of Rose Tyler as the doctors companion to her taking the heart of the TARDIS and ramming it down the proverbial throats of the Daleks, it was just one win after the other. My favorite episode was the last two episodes of the series with the game shows and such...i about died when they had Rose on a deadly version of " the weakest link. that was a definite win and to see that it was the darleks behind the whole thing and to see rose save the world. but my absolute favorite was the introduction of captain jack harkness and the childs search for his mother...made me feel special things at the end of that. so heres a question for everyone...what is your favorite episode from the first series and why? keep it between the ditches Palmer husky
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@kmt2207 (47)
16 May 08
I too love Doctor who and here in the uk on series 4, don't worry won't spoil it for you. My best from series one was the empty child/the doctor dances, Captain Jack helped!!! Do you watch torchwood?
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16 May 08
Torchwood just started for us here in the US and unfortunately i havent been able to see it. ive had to work lots, but iive heard lots of good things about it so i am looking forward to seeing it. and yeah...i liked captain jack. i envy you in the uk you get to see these things before i do.
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