What do you do if the Police stop you?

@danoluma (817)
May 16, 2008 1:22am CST
Hi everyone I wonder how you feel whenever a cop stops you, for me I am normally very nervous, what about you?
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@Adelida2233 (1008)
• United States
16 May 08
In my case, since my boyfriend is a cop its a little bit different. I don't usually get stopped. I try to obey the speed limit and such. It is usually the other way around. When my boyfriend is at work, I take him(and a lot of the other guys on the shift) dinner, either homemade or from a drive through, since many of them can't leave wherever they are posted for the night. So, I'm usually running around asking people if they've seen a cop around. At first, I'm sure it alarms people, but when they see I look like a fast food cart, I think they get it. :)
• India
16 May 08
when ever a cop stops me...the next thing on my mind is..harressment..checking all bags, frisking n unrelated questions and im always pissed off just at the sight of the police man waving his hand asking me to stop-this is india
• Pakistan
16 May 08
When ever i am stoped i replyed them with confidently. If you are on right way you need not worry. they are also human beings like you.
@djedtek (232)
• United States
16 May 08
if its somthing like :omg i know i was speeding" type deal then i really would be nervous because i know what i did! and if they do stop me and there is no foul play then im still not worried because i know i didnt do anything!