CRAB Mentality!

@chubibo (295)
May 16, 2008 9:08am CST
why do pinoys love a crab mentality habit,that is, instead of helping others to succeed,they pulled him down.
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• Philippines
23 May 08
That is also a thing that I am wondering too, there are many Filipinos who loves it that is why we are having a failing economy ever since. Maybe there are some that has something to do with their poverty or it could be also a cause of bitterness as part of their defense mechanism. Maybe they want to point out that there are other people who are also pathetic just like them. I've realized this kind of mentality while watching our own reality TV show on how they are competing to each other. I've also realize that while posting at the other forums on how they give opinions on the person that they like on national TV. Others can't defend the person that they are rooting for instead they are bashing the forumers or making personal attack since they know it to themselves that it is hard to defend the person that they want. Then if the person has this great and strong personality they are trying to look at it in negative side as plastic, playing safe and not being true to themselves because what they did is right. There are many Filipinos that can't believe that there are many sensible, smart, matured, level headed and good in principles. I don't know why so many Filipinos that want to stay of being senseless at all.
@borg_queen (2535)
• Philippines
22 May 08
Crab mentality is just another term for envy. Many of our people can't have the things that others have achieved so they pull them down out of jealousy. A lot of us are tamad. Intellectually tamad. Hence not much kaunlaran for all.
@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
16 May 08
Yeah, I agree with mensab. I guess the place has been through a lot with the world wars, and then the 3 foreign occupations and then with the Marshal Law. Though the land and the physical wounds might have healed, the mindset of the people being still at war with the current issues (internal or external) is still fresh and so put into practice. This has led to always being in the survival mindset. With these wars and issues, we have seen that power brings you everything even if you see its also the one thing that can bring you down. So since its in survival mode anything that can help in the immediate future will be done. Even if it means stepping down on someone/s just so you know that you are going to be safe in the long run or maybe just this moment. I dont think 'love' is the right term to use. I dont really think that we 'love' to bring down people. Its just we would really 'love' to live and survive and I guess we would do what it takes to achieve that. I know its wrong and I dont do this myself but I guess in general, its just the way things are.
@mensab (4204)
• Philippines
16 May 08
i don't think filipinos love crab mentality. i think that mentality is practiced by losers and those who never tried to succeed and blamed the mentality as their scapegoat. that mentality entail feelings of envy, insecurity, and weakness. in life, it is a fact that one will face difficulties and challenges. one of which is this crab mentality.