Who is BOLD and who is Rude ?

November 2, 2006 12:19am CST
Who is BOLD and Who is RUDE - George Bush or Saddam Hussain ?
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• India
13 Nov 06
You may call a Police or anything according to the size of your thinking.But wont you think this world needs a Bold leader who can resist terrorism ? Many in UNO are silent spectators when it comes to terrorism.They want to act like good boys.When Trade Centre was attacked every one used big comforting words.But it was America had to fight back almost alone.It is easy for everyone to act like good boys and yap big words.If any calamity takes place in any part of the world it is always America who comes first to extend any help. Good boys rarely appear in such situations except in their speaches of sympathies..Bush is a practical man with honesty.He means his words. He is not like many other leaders who only speak with out actions.If Americans have not resisted Terrorism this world would have become a breeding place for terrorists.They would have multiplied in a greater measure than now.All those who disagree with me might be wanting terrorists to dominate our globe.In days to come good boys will know what a great sacrifice America has done to this world taking this pain of atacking terrorists losing their money and men and taking all the blames on themselves.The time has come that there is an urgent need of a world leader who is bold and kind like Bush.What would a parent do when his children are being attacked ? Wont he attack them back ? Bush knew his responsibility as a President towards his people ? Diplomacy doesnot work with the terrorists.Just think it over...