robbing and killing

May 16, 2008 1:42pm CST
I watched in the news that this morning, armed men robbed a bank here in one of the towns of the Philippines. The worst thing is--the robbers shot 9 people in the head. There were others injured too, before they ran away with money from the vault. If they only needed money, why kill the people? Money is just money but killing 9 people with whom God only knows what their lives are... I condemn this happening. I grieve with the families of those who were killed. Imagine walking to the bank to go about your daily routine and then these people come in and do that. I am praying for justice.
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20 May 08
when i saw it over the news i was pissed. i have friends living in Laguna and knowing that it happened on the same town that they're in scared the hell off me. i mean if you're going to rob a bank, go ahead by all means, do it. i doubt it if the victims would even go on detail just to have you arrested. there's no need to shot them at point blank. it got even more depressing when i learned that one of my friend's brother-in-law were among those who were shot... everything's crap.
@marketing07 (6266)
• South Korea
17 May 08
now a days bad people thinks killing a person is nothing compare to the money they wanted to ..we cant do anything rather than to pray for the victims...
@sunkissed (4332)
• United States
16 May 08
Oh, this is very terriable.It is bad enough that these men went in and terriazed the people that worked in that bank like that when they robbed them.But why in the world did they just not leave with the money? why kill innocent people. I will never for the life of me understand how these people can just kill people in cold blood like this.I feel so sorry for everyone that had to witness this event, and all those that lost a loved one this day. I will too be praying for justice.