The 'wall of smoke'

The Wall of Smoke - Smokers outside pubs and restaurants create a wall of smoke
May 16, 2008 4:51pm CST
New laws in th UK which prohibit smoking in public buildings such as pubs and restaurants have created a new hazard I call 'the wall of smoke'. Forced to take their lethal habit outside there is usually a congregation of people hanging almost furtively outside pubs, clubs, offices, and shops. Such is their desperation to feed the habit that they puff away intensively in all weathers forming a dense cloud which all ho wish to enter the building are forced to walk through. Honestly, I almost think it was better in the 'bad old days' when they were allowed to smoke inside! Have you had experience of this?
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@deeeky (3668)
• Edinburgh, Scotland
16 May 08
The smokers have no where else to go to now that they have to smoke outside. I have never smoked myself but my worry is the amount of people that drink themselves to oblivion with no care of the damage they leave behind.
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