Childhood Nickname

@teena22 (422)
May 17, 2008 2:56am CST
What was your childhood nickname? did you maintain that name til now? why did they call you "that"? Me--i grew up being called "MATU'". Mom said that i love watching one pinoy show called John and Marsha and there's a certain maid named as "Matutina" and i used to imitate the girl. It's a bit the same with my real name Kristina so they fondly called me MATU' until now. i just loved it though. All my close relatives and friends call me by my childhood name.
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• Netherlands
17 May 08
Hello Matu! ..ang cute naman..hehehe... Well, during my childhood days my friends used to call me "CHECHE" or "CHE". It's because of my first name that begins with JHE. During my student life in Pinas my classmates fondly called me "MAY" and I like it. And here in Holland people call me with my first name. But all my family, relatives and friends way back home call me by by childhood name too...
@longbangod (1791)
• Philippines
17 May 08
Hi Matu, I cant forget that name because I came from a school that is called Stella Matutina Academy Well, my nickname is LONG, since childhood and also the name my family and closed friends call me till this time. LONG is very common in our place, its like DONG or DODONG in Cebu, DOY in Bohol, NONOY or TOTOY in Manila. By the way I prefer to call you Teena, hope its okay even were closed already