would you rather have A POODLE OR ROTTWEILER?

May 17, 2008 4:32am CST
I prefer Rottweiler. This kind of dog is active and simple to take care of, compare to poodle, you need speacial shampoo and other things just for its skin. I dont like dog with so many hairs that will fall and dirty the floor. They also easily smell bad... Rottweiler is also a good choice for pet guard, because he protects your house from bad people who may enter your house.
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@BUSSY1979 (1284)
• United States
17 May 08
if i had a choice to be a dog between the two that you mentioned, i guess that i would want to be a poodle. cus poodles are so loving, and caring. they don't rarely bite anybody, unless if they are sad or scared. but, my mother had a poodle at one time while i was growing up. and we had her in our lives for about14 years. and the pup was so sweet and so easy to train to do whatever you wanted it to do for you. you could throw a ball out in the hall, and than the dog would go and run and get it and bring it back to you. she also taught it to speak whenever it wanted to go outside, or want something to eat. LOL It was a wonderful dog, and very sweet too. he took up with my mom more than me. i guess because that she paid him more attention, and would play with him more. i can remember one time, she would go to work early in the morning. i would get up around 6 in the morning to get readdy to go to school. well, when I'd get back from school, which was around somewhere around 3 in the afternoon, my mother would still be at work. so, the dog, he would get to missing her so bad, and he would pout the whole evening, until she got home. he would not eat, drink, or play until she got home from work. i told her this, and at first she didn't believe me. so, later, i took a video movie of him, while she was gone to work. i would show everything that he would do while she was away. after she seen the dog do this, she began believing me for real. it was so sad to see him be that down and depressed, but at the same time it was actually funny to watch him act like that. I've always thought that dogs were very smart, and can learn anything quicker than any other animal. i told my mother here while back that I'd love to have a poodle on my own. i know that they are costly, cus she mentioned that to me. but, i would save the money up to get me one. if i didn't live here in this apartment, i would definitely get one and save the money up. they are wonderful pets to have in the dog category. and so that's why i would rather have a poodle over a rockweiler. don't know if i spelled that right. the poodles are so easy to raise, and train. and you can even keep them in your house and train them to not pee on the floor. thanks for asking there. i really enjoyed telling you my story about my mom's poodle dog named B.J.
• Singapore
17 May 08
wah, thanks for your enthusiastic to response my discussion. i see why you prefer poodle. They are actually cute dog type. Hehe. I saw some owner dressed their poodles and even hair clips to them. Some also have glasses for poodle. But i dont want to raise poodle, because im not a person who always has time to take care my dogs. So i prefer dog which is easily to take care of, strong, active, and can protect the house.
@metschica25 (5407)
• United States
6 Jun 08
Hmm. I have always had small dog my whole life and even now . I think poodles are so cute and always wanted one , and a pink one too . So i guess the little dog , but I am a fan of the Rot too . oh for sure they have to be groomed !!
@Jurrdawg (55)
• United States
17 May 08
rot. poodles are not my type of dog :]