Really Hurt Feelings

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May 17, 2008 8:10am CST
I am a member of a website where you complete offers in lieu of pay. You are also given the chance to make a certain amount of what your referrals make. Anyway, a few of my referrals hadn't been active in a while so I sent each of them an email basically saying that I'll help them with any questions they have and that I'm saving up for a house and whatnot. Anyway, I was looking around mylot and I saw that one of my referrals was angry because of the message. I then sent her another message saying that I didn't mean to make the email sound like I was guilting her into helping me get a house. Anyway, about a half an hour ago I got this message from this mylot user (who is oneandonemakessix): Because of your groveling and this email, I LEFT TreasureTrooper, it's none of your damn f*cking business how much I have made, and once you complete offers you cannot do them again (I, TIPSYFLASH WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT THATS UNTRUE) I hope you don't get your house and I hope you go to h*ll in the process Any further contact from you will be met with a nasty not (I THINK SHE MEAN "NOTE") and a report for spam. Have a nice f*cking day. ------------- This message really hurt my feelings. Anyone ever get a message like this?
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@Elixiress (3893)
17 May 08
That was really inappropriate and immature. I don't think you did anything wrong, you were just basically reminding them that the website existed, because it is easy to forget and then when someone reminds you start being active again. I doubt that you would have got pissed or anything if they said "oh sorry I don't have the time ... good luck with the saving".
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20 May 08
Yeah, that's what I was thinking.