Husband Wife Fights

May 17, 2008 2:33pm CST
I am having fights with my husband daily. I dunno where is the fault. Either he is too worked up these days or i am too pressing/nagging at times. He is just not ready to talk to me these days. whenever we talk we either end up quarreling or he ends up shouting at me and leaving the room... I have read the book "Men are from MARS...' but that doesnt answer my question. I feel I have not done anything wrong, but he feels that it is my mistake everytime. I love him and would not like to leave him. But he always complains that he was very happy alone. What should I do? Have tried speaking to him quite a lot of time but in vain...
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@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
19 May 08
Is it that your husband want a divorce or he has someone else out there. Do you communicate with him properly. Do you show him abuse when talking with him. You see respect and communication works hand in hand in a relationship and there are times when a lady becomes marry they stop do the things that made their husbands marry them. Are you one of these ladies. Make a date with him. Yes take him from the house and date him. Communicate and remember the good times you use to have before you started hating each other. Marriage is sacred and when you put your problems in God hands he will solve it for you. All the best.
• India
19 May 08
i have tried dating him. I have tried communicationg with him But he has always made me realise my mistake. But only thing I want is that he should nit shout at me the way he does even if it is my mistake...