my 14 year old daughter waers a rosary

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May 17, 2008 7:31pm CST
My 14 year old daughter recently played a character in a school skit who was "goth" and apparently she enjoyed her character because now she wants to always wear black(even in 100degree ca weather) and has started wearing a rosary like jewelry. The day of this skit was her birthday and apparantly she asked her good friend for one for her birthday, so this friend's mother bought her one. Now, a little history, I was raised as a Roman catholic in Pennsylvania, when I moved to California my parents could no longer afford private school and the devoted Sunday church going subsided. I believe in god, my children have been raised with an understanding and an occasional Sunday at church. I have takern them to christian churches rather than catholic, I want my children to choose their own religion and try to give them boundaries and understanding, but her wearing this rosary bugs me. I see this as a religious tool, not some costume jewelry. We've discussed it and she says she wears it because it's pretty and that she believes in god, but she doesn't know one prayer on the rosary. I know that if I forbid it she will just do it behind my back.. She's a good child, good grades, no boyfriend problems or drugs or alcohol, i'm just not sure how to feel about this. I have old her that if she insists on wearing it then i want her to learn more about it, perhaps even search for some catechism classes. To this she was fine as long as it doesn't take away to much time from her friends. I'm also wondering if the "phase/trend" will end if i just leave it alone. Any ideas?
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@sedel1027 (17854)
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18 May 08
I would let her wear it, but educate her on what the rosary means to the Catholic religion. If you recall many people in the 80's did wear rosarys - a trend that I believe Madonna started.
@phoenix25 (1543)
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18 May 08
It sounds like she is just going through a phase. I went through something very similar myself. In my opinion, she is just trying to find out who she is and what she likes and doesn't like. It is very likely that it will pass and she will go back to dressing and wearing things that she used to before this phase. My parents didn't really do anything when I went through my "goth" phase and I eventually just stopped doing it, I suppose when the notoriety wore off. If she is good in school and isn't going around doing illegal things, I wouldn't worry too much. That was the case with me. I can say that if you try to stop it, she will probably just rebel more and this will turn into a power struggle, which you probably do not want to have to go through. Ironically, this is about the same age that I went through my own phase, so I think 14 must be the "magic age" for phases like this.
• Canada
18 May 08
I agree with you. I think that if anyone is going to wear any symbol that is spiritual in nature to one group or another, before wearing it, they should learn about the sacred traditions surrounding it.