Starbucks....what's in, what's out...

May 17, 2008 10:00pm CST
Starbucks started in the 70s. It used to have one store in Seattle's historic Pike Place Market. Now, you could see Starbucks in every corner. And with the Starbucks phenomenon still visible this day, you might think that every is peaches and cream in the company. But then, with so many coffee shops popping up everywhere, competition has been tough and it is affecting their sales. So now, Starbucks has come up with ways to attract new customers and to maintain the current customers. Here is a list of what they are reinventing in Starbucks as seen on the article in TIME magazine (April 2008): WHAT's IN 1. Grinding beans in stores will restore the coffee aroma: the new Pike Place Roast will be the first ground. 2. A site invites customers' gripes and suggestions. 3. The Masterena You can see the barista over this new expresso machine. 4. Conversation International The group will certify beans come from- one more sign that Starbucks is about coffee. 5. Loyalty Free drip refills and latte extras for repeat customers. WHAT's OUT 1. Breakfast sandwiches Hot sellers, but they sometimes overpower the scent of coffee. 2. Reporting comp-store sales Too much focus on numbers means less focus on customers. 3. The Verismo The old machine gives baristas less control over the steaming of milk and blocks their view of patrons. 4. Cluttered counters The mishmash of stuff distracts from coffee. 5. Store on every corner Unwieldly U.S. growth will slow; the company will still push ahead overseas. So what about Starbucks that is in or out for you?
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