Could you dream of becoming rich than Warren Buffet?

May 18, 2008 4:35am CST
Warren Buffet is the richest man on the planet in recent times known to all humans who has accumulated all his wealth through investing in stock markets.he started to invest in stocks when he was but a boy at the age of 11.Yet he feels that he was not the early bird in investment horizon. Though he has made the great fortunes through investment, he believes in "Simple living and high thinking".He has already donated 32 billion dollars to the welfare of public in that he has been regarded as the richest donar across the globe. His insight over investing in stocks is long term and fundamentally sound companies is worth to follow if u are also want to seek good fortunes.
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• Philippines
19 May 08
yes i dream of becoming a great investor like warren buffet... his principle of investing is easy to understand buy a fundamentally sound company that is consistently earning big ROE (BLUE CHIP STOCKS) obviously... at the right price (LOWER THAN INTRINSIC VALUE) and hold it almost forever!!! wow that is the hard thing to do...because of our GREED AND FEAR two powerful emotions. we seldom stick to our first decisions and always finding greener pastor... in the process cannot maximized the power of compounding interest as per teaching of warren buffet. ^_^ SMILE ALWAYS...
• Philippines
8 May 10
It is now impossible for us to outshine Warren Buffett. He started so early, unlike us. Unless, I uncover some of the most precious Yamashita Gold Bar Treasures hidden by the Japanese Imperial Army in remote islands here in the Philippines, I know I can never outshine Buffett and his friends. Let's face the reality.