How many people actually rate discussion responses?

United States
May 18, 2008 6:21am CST
I wish there was a feature like on that you could see how many positive responses or negative ones you were getting! How many people take the time to rate other peoples answers?
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• Romania
18 May 08
Hello Cole_Trinity_Pheniox I always rate plus people that respond to my discussion and I when I respond to a discussion a give it a plus because in case that I forget that I responded to that discussion I can see that it's rated. This could seem a weird thing to do but if you come upon a discussion that has a lot of responses and you don't remember if you responded to it, what do you do? Do you go and see the discussion's you responded to or go page to page to see if you responded to it. Doing it my way you save a LOT of time. You can respond to another discussion in the time you waste doing the search. But the feature that you said is interesting but I don't think that myLot will put it in practice because the rate and abuse are feature are for them. Take care and have a great day ScarFace
• Romania
8 Jun 08
Thank you for the "best response". I appreciate it.
• Philippines
18 May 08
Oh yeah, that's true. I hope that feature be installed here in mylot. It will serve as a motivation for all to give quality responses. :) Oh, and about rating, I take time rating the people's responses to my discussions. And to the other discussions that I respond to, I also rate them. But I focus more on responses to my discussions. Nevertheless, I rate people... I rarely rate a negative...I've actually been thinking that instead of rating someone a negative (unless it's for the betterment of the mylot community) I'd rather not rate the response/discussion at all.. :)
@hcpoirot (1562)
• Indonesia
19 May 08
This is a very good question. I usually rates all the answers for my topic discussions cause they take times to reply to my topics. And now I at least rate people that started a topic discussion that I responded in. I maybe rate other people responded in the topic if i had lots of free time that day.