@Marg12 (329)
United States
May 18, 2008 6:26am CST
I hope that all horse fans watched the race, the Preakness, yesterday cause it was a wonderful race. Big Brown is a fantastic horse and boy he won big time. I sure hope he can win the Belmont Stakes in 3 weeks. It is so exciting to see such a good horse just run away with the race. And on the program, they had some good discussions about what to do with the race horse business in order to make it a little safer for the horses. They suggested fewer drugs, which I totally agree, a shorter race horse season, which would be hard on the small time person, take the whips away from the jockeys, which is a good idea, and several more ideas. It was a great discussion. So did anyone else see the race or the discussions and what do you think??
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