does it feel better when someone is there to listen?

May 18, 2008 7:31am CST
in times of problems and depression does it feels better when there is someone whom you trust there to listen? does it really ease the pain? it always happen to me and my cousin is always there for e thus, it somewhat ease my pain.
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@cupid74 (11394)
• Pakistan
19 May 08
Hi dear sure sharing ur problems divide the pain and and sharing ur happines muliply the joy. its always good to have some one u can trust and rely and share ur problems, listen to u, give u advise , boost ur morale Take care
@cupid74 (11394)
• Pakistan
20 May 08
u r welcome dear
@bestie (1458)
• Philippines
19 May 08 feels good when you have problems and someone is there willing to listen... thank's for being there I felt so good when I share with you my problems and you did listen...thank's a lot dearie...smiles..
@babyangie27 (5177)
• United States
18 May 08
Sometimes for me yes it does,but it depends on who that person is and if they are really there to listen,or just to tell you to get over it which yes i have heard too many times before. But if a good friend or close family memeber is there then yes it helps ease the pain a bit.