November 2, 2006 1:35am CST
OVERVIEW: Ever since last summer, you've noticed something rather unusual: When it comes to both finances and romance, you've become extremely disciplined -- with what feels like little or no effort on your part and virtually no prodding from your loved ones either. It's unusual because this type of behavior does not correspond to your usual 'technique,' which is to spend what you've earned (on paper, anyway) well before you actually have the check in hand. By the end of February 2006, however, you'll find that you've managed to tuck a few dollars away -- not just on paper, but in physical reality too. That little nest egg will come in quite handy during the first few months of 2006. Even though you're being good with money lately, you'll tend to be impulsive in all categories at that time -- which makes you a veritable magnet for the unexpected. That goes for unexpected expenses too, so look for things like car repairs, home repairs or dear friends with urgent financial problems. Now that you know, start planning for these contingencies, which can be expected at the beginning or end of March, or during the first week of September. And don't be surprised when a call, email or visit announces that someone you love needs help. Just be sure you really are helping them, not enabling them to continue down an unhealthy path. You know the difference. Now, back to romance -- and how self-sufficient you've become in that department. In July, you should expect your newfound independence to be tested by the reappearance of an ex-lover or spouse -- someone who'll quite obviously be wondering whether they might have a second shot at the title. If you're (still) interested, be sure you have new solutions to old problems, and that your potential partner is willing to try just as hard as you are to work things out. If not, just keep pursuing that sweet autonomy you've been enjoying and cruise into 2007 with your independence going strong!
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