May 18, 2008 4:57pm CST
have u ever dreamed that someone saying goodbye,then that person when you woke up die? He was the inspiration for me a pastor before he past away he gaved the the theme warrior's of God rise up, and sometimes soppurt my family financially when i was young.I dreamed of him saying"jhun tell to your mother that i have to go now" and when i woke up my mother was crying and crying the that Pastor was die i stroke.is this happen also to you?He's request was to burn his body he dont like to be remember coz for him only God must be remembered.
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• Philippines
18 May 08
yikes. i havent had this. i only remember one time i woke up crying dreaming about my brother and my mom. i rushed to grab a phone and called them. they were sick, but nothing big. i sighed a great relief after that. they told me they were well.
• Philippines
19 May 08
tnx for the response actually it is not once that it happen that may dream came to real, I realized that dream always remind me and warn me what would happen next.you know what? i dreamed that girls and they're so many trying to catch and pull me to them, so i fly away and got to the palce where looks like they are all old people gathering there and they help me i'd ask it to my mentor and I realized my weakness is the girls coz I'm easily fall that i could sometimes give up my parent. Bless God