That Should Have Been My Play of a Lifetime!

@mjmlagat (3171)
May 19, 2008 12:50am CST
One of my discussions last Friday was about me playing what should've been my first tennis championship ever! Just a few wished me luck ( the majority might be busy posting discussions to earn money, hehehe)...then my gastric acid intensified as 5pm approached. After rallying for almost 10 minutes, the four of us (playing for the Women's Doubles Championship)got warmed up already. The championship game just started on time as everyone cheered and yelled at every score earned by their bets. Nobody ever guessed the next unfolding of events! When we were about to change ends after losing the first point to our opponent, my partner suddenly collapsed on the side of the court! I immediately ran towards her to prevent her from banging her head on the floor, which might lead to a more serious injury. I was so overwhelmed by the situation as I saw the ashen face of Tessie, my partner, having seizures and just simply lost consciousness in the ordeal! Onlookers gathered around us including a doctor who administered first aid. We rushed her to the nearest hospital where she was diagnosed of having a mild stroke due to stress. The anguish of losing that championship game is inevitable but the joy of saving a friend's life is incomparable! How about you, have you done something good for a friend today?
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