Be grateful. You are blessed.

@hanirose (307)
May 19, 2008 5:55am CST
We wake up everyday, thinking that everything we have is mediocre. Some of us feel so unlucky about the things we already have. We forget to give thanks, we don't feel grateful, we go on and on about what we don't have. Let's just sit for a while, listen to the world and look at the things we usually ignore. A beggar walks up to you, and you'd feel annoyed for his unrelenting attitude. So you ignore him and walk past him. Just stop, and I don't mean to tell you to sympathize-no. Just stop and think. Maybe it's a sign, that you have forgotten where you are or what you already have. You know somebody, who got pregnant, got fired, went to prison or anybody who had the most unfortunate event of his/her life. You feel pitiful or proud that you are not in their shoes. I'm not saying you shouldn't feel that way-no. But be grateful. Be grateful that you have been given a chance to learn, by what you've seen.
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@nomoso (652)
• India
19 May 08
hey you look really cute and you are really blessed..but i am not able to think like what you.. i always think that i am not blessed and i think of all negative to overcome it??
@hanirose (307)
• Philippines
19 May 08
God, I looked at your picture and i can't imagine that you think that way. You are very beautiful and you seem like a nice person. Anyway, the article you've read are about the people who are not contented about what they have. Yours is different you have a very low self-esteem. The only way to boost it is to stop comparing yourself to others may they be superior or inferior to you. Everyday we meet different people from different places etc.. because of that everybody, has their own uniqueness. We, instead of understanding those differences tend to compare what they have or don't have. For example, in our offices to our colleagues, our classmates our friends or even just some stranger we often say "Her hair is so beautiful. I wish mine were like hers." or the opposite "Her hips are so wide she looks like a rhino." these thinking spell one word: I-N-S-E-C-U-R-I-T-Y. So stop it. Have you ever seen a horse carrying a carriage in a movie that suggests old times? Do you ever notice that their eyes are covered with something black so that the horses wont have a view of what's on their sides? These devices are placed on them so that the horses wont be distracted to the busy side walk where a lot of people do their daily activities. Thus, the horses now focus on the road ahead. You should imagine yourself as the horse, the road as your goal and the cover for the eyes your will to shield yourself from the distractions. So when you are out and socializing, don't spell out the INSECURITY. Walk tall and always say to yourself "I'm one hot chick." Always remember: Your belief is your barrier.