easyadjob.com is a scam

May 19, 2008 6:58am CST
Hi everyone...this is reality and not fantasy. I have tried this program called easyadjob.com. This program promised u to earn at least $200 everyday. The showed you how to open a click bank account (which is free), find the product from clickbank marketplace and advertise that product in googleadwords. But you have to pay for googleadwords means you have to invest some other money. To be honest..until today for almost one month I have been using that program...that program does not work. It SCAMS. I am totally upset with this stupid program and I wish to have my money back..I mean my membership money. But when I email them they keep saying that I have to work hard to get a lot of clicks for the product that I advertised. I believe the model of High Risk = High Return But the question is....where is the return that they promise? I spend a lot of money for the programs that never works. I have tried 2 kind of program....I can say all of them are SCAMS. Now I realized the easy way and the promised way to earn money is through your own effort. You can do a lot of jobs for example working in McDonald and etc. At least you know that you are getting paid. Means there is no uncertainty of your income and absolutely no risk. I urge all my friends out there not to easily influenced by all crap programs. What you need to do before registering with a making money program? 1. Search the background of that company 2. Try to see the company's balance sheet and their success 3. Check whether they provide a viable address or contacts 4. Most scams programs will show their everyday profit from either paypal account or clickbank account. Please DO NOT TRUST this account...it is fake. 5. Do not trust the statements made by people who have tried that programs. What is a good making money company? 1. A company that provide real address and contact number or email. 2. A company that provide a reliable statements from those who have tried that programs. But how do u know these people have successfully tried this program and make money? Easy....the company should provide link or email of the people who have tried this program. Why? So that u can contact them and ask them whether they have made money or not? Ask them to show the proof Conclusion My discussion is exactly about making money program. As I said before...high risk = high return. Think about that guys
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@sergedan (768)
• Romania
19 May 08
You should have asked other people who have tried it, before using it yourself, people you know aren't liars. I already made money online, 150 dollars in one week, and that was all my hard work, no money invested, just work and pure luck. I know a program you can try that I know is NOT a scam, once I make enough money I'll buy a membership and learn to make much more. If you're interested we can stay in touch. The other option, working in McDonalds or delivering newspapers is good too, but it won't get you much.
19 May 08
I am interested to know what program that you tell me that is not a SCAM. I really want to try...please keep in touch. Thanks for your advice.
29 Sep 08
Thank everyone for writing here about scam,because today i almost gave my money to the easydjob to earn some money, and i thought i should research more before i become a member there.. My luck that i found out that many people are saying it is a scam.. Also sad that it might be,because i am a student,and i have two jobs,and i am still broke at the end of the month,after paying all my bills. If any one know about a secure site,it is possible to make money,and it is safe and not a scam please tell me. Sincerely "broke hard working student"
@martinbt (120)
19 May 08
Patience and Effort is the Key to success but you have to watch out for scam sites :S
19 May 08
Thanks for your comments...I really appreaciate it. Cheers
@diansinta (7551)
• Indonesia
29 May 08
We have to be more careful for a scam site next time. Thanks for sharing this.