Controlling Dreams or Explaining Them Away?

May 19, 2008 7:48am CST
I have a problem with reoccurring dreams about school. I'm twenty-five now. It's been nearly ten years since I left my school but I still have bad dreams about things. For example: having to go back in my uniform because my exams didn't count the first time around, or having to take a test with no time to study. It's odd, I never have dreams like this about college or university, just school. I dream that I'm the awkward girl again and hating life and the people I'm forced to go to school with. I have a bit more gumption than I really did though, and don't put up with things like I meekly used to, but still, they're nightmares. I've tried telling myself that, that life is long over and I'm a different person now, and also that if I find myself in a uniform again, to wake up because it's a bad dream, but still at least once a week I'm plagued with dreams of school days. Has anyone else got recurring dream themes? Have you managed to stop them? Any advice is greatly appreciated as usual.
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@raydene (9874)
• United States
19 May 08
Hi Doll Is there a part of your life that you are feeling insecure about..inprepared for ...or that you feel you are not doing well at? Maybe if you can fix it you will not dream these dreams again! xoxoxxoxoxoxoxo