Future Cricket

May 19, 2008 12:10pm CST
Every one in cricketing world knows the new concept of 20-20. My question is what you people think about this concept how it gonna change this gentelman's game. I find this concept to be thrilling, however in long run it may out run the few inherent qualities of cricket like: long term startergy, vanishing of test matches, extinction of ceratan bowling and batting skills ( the defensive mode) and would be replaced by more attacking and agressive competitive mode of cricket. howzz that??
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@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
19 May 08
Well cricket has to change like every other game. First there was only test cricket tell Kerry Packer begins the one day and ICC follows. Then Sanford comes with 20/20. Test cricket is dieing so 20/20 will draw more fans and retrieve back the fans that went to other games.
20 May 08
those names and facts were awesome man!! I have been away from India for around 2 years now. Dont really get time to track the happenings. But whatever am getting feed back from ppl back home. I can find there is lot of entusiasm and carze for this new version of cricket. However, personaly I still think. ICCI should come up with some form of cricket where there is still a scope for batsman, bolwer and fieders in equal. With lots of space for stratergy development and showing of all round cricket skills..rather then jus going around there to hit the balls out of boundry like a Base ball game. No doubt there is lot of adernaline rushing moments in 20-20 but..wont we miss the 50 overs and test matches drama unfolding ball after ball.