chatting makes relief

@deemple (164)
May 19, 2008 7:50pm CST
in my one year of chatting,hopping from one room to another,i have met someone whom i considered my knight,my love,my confidante'.for 9 years that my husband's always away from us for 3 to 4 months,ive no one to talk with.being alone when kids left for school is a very boring time i can think of,especially when chores are done.there are times i can cry for so much sadness.and husband would call in a minute or two just to let me know that he had his coffee,pee and taken his bath every morning,and calls up again in the evening just to let me know that he had his supper and nothing else and put down phone after.almost everyday that we the kids call it a template kids taught me how to use pc to get rid of boredome,and inclined me joining yahoo and mylot.until i found someone i feel comfortable to be with.Peter of Vancouver.for 8 months that we communicate with each other,i considered him someone whom i could feel being melancholic was cured.feeling so excited to be with him almost twice a day,making me laugh and smile and telling me comforting words and compliments a woman would always loved to hear.for me he is a very sweet kindhearted and lovable gentleman,and falling inlove is very much possible,and i felt it for him.when im in my gloomy moments i think of him,and i feel relieved.relationship with my husband is unhealthy for so long years.but i just dont mind it,i have thoughts of hubby having another woman,and lately it's revealed that my thoughts were true.i felt so bad not because he will leave me,but because of the kids.i wanted to have separation with him for a long time,but has to find the right time,because i have 2 kids dependent on him and me to take care of.during my sad moments,Peter is there to comfort me.being far isn't a question,but being there when needed is the best thing he can give me online.and after we talked,i feel secured and fearless to face what comes next.wanted to live long for my kids and for Peter.i love him so much,making my life worth.making me feel that everything will be okay.
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