Jeju island

May 19, 2008 11:45pm CST
Have you been to Jeju Island? Jeju is a comforting place. When I was in high school, I visited Jeju Island on a school trip. It takes about 40 minutes by plane from Seoul. The first place we visited there was Small World. It was a special place, a miniature world! It had miniature models of famous placee like Paris(Eifle, Notre Dame de Vie) London,India,France,Egypt, almost every famous place! After exploring Small World, we went to San Goon Boo Ree, a hill covered with rape and at that time the rape was in bloom and it gave a good smell, a faint calming scent. From the top of the hill, we could see lots of sea. The sea was blue and there was warm sea breeze. When I was there, I felt so comfortable that I did not even like to go back to my home. The trip to Jeju with my friends left many good memories. Jeju is a place I would like to show off to foreign friends. Come to Korea and visit Jeju Island.
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@myclique (116)
• Philippines
14 Nov 08
went there early this year and loved it! my favorite was yeongmeori coast. we were lucky that it was low tide when we got there so we were able to go down. the food was also great. the vegetables were so fresh. for someone who lives in a city, the nature themed sights were such a wonderful change in scenery. i would love to go back there someday.
• Philippines
25 May 08
I haven't been to Jeju Island but one of my closest friends have been there for a vacation and when she came back she got a lot of stories to tell. And it seemed like she had a blast in Jeju Island...She also showed me her pictures there and it truly was really nice in Jeju.. She showed me pictures of the mountain they climbed and she showed my the famous Bear Museum made famous by the Koreanovela "Goong"... I wish to go there too...and also to other places in Korea!!
• Philippines
20 May 08
yes.Very interesting.I saw it on tv