How do you handle the tough situatin?

May 20, 2008 1:19am CST
Everyone may be in a bad situatin and face it,such as losing job,breaking with friend, and so on. What will you do and how do you get through them ?As for me now,i am feeling very bad and just want to listen to sb saying sth and talk to strangers.
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• Indonesia
20 May 08
Everyone had their tough situation. I've had some of them myself. All you can do is go through with it. Just remember that all bad things must come to an end. I'm lucky to have friends and family I could run to whenever I have a bad time. Don't go through it alone. Call some friends, hang out with them or call families too.
• China
20 May 08
You are so good! Thank you very much.I will get through this.