Are You Hooked?

May 20, 2008 4:53am CST
Hello all, I really just wanted some feedback from others to see if anyone had the same thoughts on "Coca-Cola" I dont drink coffee, or tea, i drink mostly juice, but i swear that this stuff is addictive! Without getting at least 1 or 2 glasses of cold Coca-Cola per day, i would go mad! Funny you think? Well if you all think that then thats fine, at least i will know its just me! But im sure this stuff is addictive to some of you out there???? I DO KNOW THAT IT HAS CAFFIENE IN IT, BUT ENOUGH TO GET YOU HOOKED ON IT? WHAT ELSE DO THE MAKERS PUT IN IT TO KEEP YOU BUYING IT?
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@ejaji123 (96)
• India
21 May 08
I use to be addicted to the stuff myself some years back. So i can completely relate to what you're saying. The only thing it contains that's addictive is caffeine, though. Unless they have some proprietary formula which contains something else addictive that we don't know about! After having Coca-Cola, I feel so good and refreshed. I really wish i knew the answer why too!