Do you play World of Warcraft ?

@martinbt (120)
May 20, 2008 6:52am CST
Well this is more a gaming question Do you Play WoW and on what server ? :S Well i can't play on the Original server cuz it's not so cheap and i have to play all the time and i haven't got the time for that and i am no addict so are you Addicted to this game ?
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@ocean4 (236)
• Canada
22 Jul 08
Well I play WoW, im on the kilrog server, I have 1 lvl 70, and im not addicted. (some might dissagree on the last one)
@Dragon93 (83)
16 Jul 08
Yes, I play WoW and Im quite addicted to be honest Oo lol, My server is Azjol-nerub and it is a Normal server :]. Yet Not playing at the moment -_-' on laptop lol. I have like 4 lvl 70's, a lvl 64, lvl 30 and so on :]. I can't wait for WoW lich king though would be cool. My main is a druid though and i have time for WoW as I only go to school ;P. I raid sometimes aswel Not much as I'm in a raiding guild lol. thats all from me :P lol.