why would a god create a race to love him/her/it?

May 20, 2008 8:44am CST
okay before I allienate a lot of mylotters this is not a disscusion disrespecting peoples beliefs.so now to the question. Why would a god that is omnipitent create a race like us? what benefit could a god get from creating us? did he she it do it so he/she/it could recieve something from us ? I'll give best reponse on Fri 23/05/08 at 12.00pm UK time
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@FireHorse (294)
• United States
20 May 08
I was brought up to believe in the christian god and later became agnostic because I don't believe the judeo-christian concept of God is a correct assesment of reality. In my current blief structure (which is constantly evolving as my understanding grows and perceptions change), I tend to think of God as the original embrionic cell that divided. Just as each of us started off as a single cell that divided over and over to become a multi-celluar organism, why not the same with God? So in my current belief structure we were created as God's procreation. Every life form from single celled protozoa to multi-celled organisms are new additions to the original consciousness that started this universe in the big bang.
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21 May 08
hi Firehorse! cool I like that idea .. so every life is a fragment of the original consciousness(God). myself I'm still deciding.. I thought a lot more peeps would have replied I mean its been 17hours.. please mylotters give this monkey some stimulus!!
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25 Jul 08
My agnosticism makes this question null for me. I would imagine a theist would have to suppose they know the mind of their god to answer this question. If they do know his mind, I would like to ask them which moral code their god follows, especially the christian deity. It is obvious the 10 commandments do not apply to the christian god, so when someone says their christian god is righteous and holy, I wonder what those words mean? How can the concepts of "righteous" and "holy" have any meaning when the subject's moral code is unknown and probably unknowable?
28 Jul 08
Hi Dravenwriter ! I like your ideas, but I'm still left with the thought .. If he/she/it really exsists what did God get out of this deal, is it to bask in humanities collective love and hatred? did god create us because he was lonely? did he create us to further his own power? ( a lot of these ideas are in a Graphic Novel called 'Preacher' which is absolutely hysterical and thought provoking'
28 Jul 08
"Just for kicks" is probably the best answer. I would still say you are asking the wrong question. The real interesting question is this: Why did mankind create god?
2 Sep 08
Hi draven I think just for kicks is probably the truth!
• Philippines
10 Jun 08
This is a wonderful discussion and I hope my comments are worthy. I believe, that we were created in the image of God, I also believe that we are part of God and that God is part of us. I do not mean we are God, but part of God. We therefore as part of God, we are creators and powerful and we have been given the right to use that power as we choose. To answer you question, I believe that we would naturally want to love something that was good to us. As children hopefully we love our parents, but it is our choice. Maybe all that is required is gratitude. There would be little purpose to the Universe if man did not exist and I believe that we are the humanic expression of God. With regards to some of the other points about God knowing our future, I say this. Our parents love us and want the best for us. They lovingly nuture us at birth and gives us the best they can, but we choose what we do with our lives. I am sure the parents of Hilter gave him love as a baby, but he chose the role he wanted to play in life. Likewise I believe that God gives us all we need in life, but we must choose to take responsibility for our lives and step into the shoes that have been prepared for us. Some choose to be good people, others choose to destroy the world. We are just tenants of the condo "world" and God is the landlord. Our rent is Love! If we pay in full is up to us, but I know how I feel when my son gives me the love I want. It is nice to be loved. I am sure God wants to be loved also. Be abundant. And Give Love! Tim
13 Jun 08
Thanks Millionaire! I like the part about being 'tenants' if that's the case then I owe him back rent LOL !
• Canada
5 Jun 08
I really don't tink that God has the ego that humans have given our supposed creator. I think that as people we do not know how to fully comprehend the awsome power of God, therefore we have turned God into something to be WORSHIPPED, instead of just simply being thankful.