Money and Friends (Quest.Net)

@nupats (3564)
May 20, 2008 9:17am CST
hi friends, I would anyday value friends and relations more than money. However i am shocked how people are trying to use frienship to make such instances i have faced with Gold Quest(this was banned in some countries so they changed the name....i know even Pepsi is banned bcoz this is the example given by members but Pepsi Co. doesnt run behind u all over with the bottle of Pepsi in their hand) or Quest.Net as u may call it. One day a friend of mine came and explained this concept to me and not wanting to hurt i told him i will get back...very next day i recieve a second call for the same thing...i reluctantly tell him i am not keen on this...however i am asked to attend another presentation (of an hour)..i go through it bcoz i dont wish to b rude...finally i tell him NO very clearly....after a couple of days he again visits me for the same i tell him before itself that i m not in however good this may be again...even i am loosing my patience...finally i realise that we r no longer friends h wants to eat, talk, walk and sleep only this business of his he wants to meet only to discuss this businss...finally i also avoid taking his calls bcoz after couple of months again i m told that how good this is and I M a can such people be true friends who put all at stake for some gain ...which i truely hope they achieve... not everyone can do marketing especially such a concept which is so damn hard to accept.... they talk abt numismatic value of the coin but i m sorry to say there are coins of this mint for sale on e-bay at phenamenol prices but There are NO Bidders where is the numismatic value...who cares abt some mint coming up with some gold coins weighing 6-8 grams and charging 5 times the cost of gold....pls those who r in this business must market it but dont Pester ur friends or u end up loosing treasured relations or u make them business partners and if they are not able to do the business after buying the coin frm u they are rated as Quitters or Shammers...why would someone put in that kind of money for quitting or shamming?... so i hope all of u in this business do max out and make crores of rupees...but must see at what cost!!! i just wanted to send this message to the existing members of and those who plan to join...pls b careful and hope u Do Well!! your comments are welcome..
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• United States
27 Jul 09
I totally agree with you.The quest net not only harm your friendship,but also change you totally as a person.I know of people who have stopped talking to their friends because the friends always talk about business and are extremely persuasive.I want to make another point about this business: The investment is not just 32K,it is way more than that.You invest the risk of losing friends,you invest the risk of losing a job and not getting it back,you invest the straying away from your CORE competency,you invest in the money that you spend in holding these meetings,the money spent in making phone calls,and most importantly,you invest the risk of harming all the good relations you made with people around you. These kind of schemes are similar to doing a marketing job that does NOT guarantee a pay-check at the end of a month,but surely ensures huge bills to be paid.Simple funda,would you like to take up something that ensures investment but does not ensure returns?