Have you ever fallen off a bike and broken your arm?

United States
May 20, 2008 10:25am CST
When I was a little kid I went head first over the handle bars of my brother's ten speed bike. Amazingly enough, I ended up with only a few scratches (and a hideous purple bruise/scrape mark on my leg). But, no broken bones. The same year, my best friend who lived only blocks away, fell off her bike and sprained her arm. Or, at least that's what she said happened. She was always riding her bike around the neighborhood. Now, my little kid keeps asking for her own bike and I'm kind of afraid to let her have one. Kids fall off bikes all the time. Have you ever fallen off a bike and broken your arm or been injured? How do you protect your kids from getting injured on a bike?
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@maclanis (1949)
• Belgium
20 May 08
I have fallen off a bike but I have never had a serious injury from falling off my bike, so no broken bones. As the matter of fact, I have never even had a broken bone. I also don't know anyone who had broken bones from falling off his or her bike. I hope this makes you feel better. I really think you should give your kid a bike because she is going to have to learn some time! Just tell her to watch out and make sure you train her well. :D
• United States
20 May 08
That's so sweet! Thanks for the encouragement. You wanna know something funny. My little kid is four (and 1/2) years old, but I still consider myself a new mom. (P.S. I always suspected that my friend got her arm broken some other way she didnt' want to tell me.)
@karmendra (1123)
• India
20 May 08
many time i faced an accident. some were small and some time big.. but i think i a lucky person, i never ever broken my arm, bone, or any other type of fracture. even some time i got hospitalized for these accidents.
@carlaabt (3505)
• United States
20 May 08
I used to fall off my bike a lot. I was never seriously injured, though. I just got a few scrapes, bruises, etc. I did break my arm twice when I was younger, though. One time I hurt my arm while my friend and I were practicing for a 3 legged race and fell down. The school nurse said there was nothing wrong, so I went on about my day. That evening I was rollerskating with my sister and I fell down. MY dad said he was pretty sure it was broken then, and he was right. The other time, fell off of a teeter totter. There was no doubt it was broken then! It swelled up so fast that it literally popped my wrist watch right off.