Just finished a book named "Little woman",worth of reading!

@liuqian (476)
May 20, 2008 11:12am CST
I borrowed a book called "Little woman" from library last week.It takes a long time to finish it because it is translated into Chinese and someplace is hard to understand.But it's a woundful book. A warm family,four beautiful girl.I like Joy(maybe another name cause it's in Chinese^^)best.Joy's character likes a boy and dislike to do things girls usually have to do.She doesn't like dressing and dancing.Her favorite is sitting in the sofa with a book,and five or six apples at hands.HAHA,That's what my favorite,too.^^ She doea everything she likes and doesn't care about others.She likes writing and often mess things up.So lovely^^And mege,Amey,Beis...They are really great. I like reading this book,it reminds me of my childhood.Make me feel so good. wish you will like it(especially girls^^).
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