Thieves steal 2,000 pound anchor, nobody notices

@shakeroo (3990)
May 20, 2008 12:28pm CST
A 2000 pound anchor was stolen and nobody noticed it... Not only are they asking why and how it was stolen, but they wonder why no one noticed for months, even though the anchor is in a residential area, facing a well-traveled street. Tom Sweeney said the subject came up last Wednesday at a meeting of the Naval Reservist Oversight Committee, which he chairs. The committee, which owns the anchor, is planning a memorial at the station. The city took possession of the building earlier this year after the station closed. It last had drills in 2006. I guess nobody has ever expected that such a thing could get stolen. what do you think? read more:;_ylt=AhKLbZKewS7otN4bQQuBqi_tiBIF
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