do you feel that you are born intelligent?!

May 20, 2008 12:47pm CST
yes !! ofcourse i feel that i am born intelligent cause i am master in my all works i do many things without any mistake what about you?!
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@chechuva (1276)
• Philippines
25 May 08
at some point i think im intelligent. it's not that i don't beleive in myself, but there are things that im not really good at and at times im on the process of learning. and what i do believe is that people become intelligent base on their understanding, learnings and experience in life. all of us have different talents and skills where we excel most. and that's how im amaze how God created us, very unique from each other. have a nice day!
• India
25 May 08
I don't think anyone is born intelligent.If it were like this then the Industrial Revolutions and the latest Internet Revolutions would have happened as soon as Humans evolved on Earth.It is through constant exercise of the brain and our environment and peopel we surround ourselves with during our growing years and later throughout our Life that helps in creating an Intelligent Mind through acquisition of Knowledge and Intuition.
@julyteen (13258)
• Davao, Philippines
25 May 08
i am not born as an intelligent, all my knowledge i learned from school and from my parents. although we have some gifted child but they are rare. normal child learned from his/her surroundings not on his own. if you will not go to school you learned less.
@boloroo (120)
• Mongolia
23 May 08
That is good. I do mistake
@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
22 May 08
Being intelligent is not as important to me as being compassionate. What good is intelligence when it cannot understand the misery of others? What good is intelligence if it cannot use it to make life better for others?
• India
21 May 08
Yes! you can be a master in your works because of your applicaion of the mind with reasings. But we have to keep on updating our knowledge.
@bestie (1458)
• Philippines
21 May 08
intelligence runs through seriously if you were nourished well from the day you were conceived until you were born and you were properly trained and taken cared of in each stage of your development then probably you will be intelligent,but anyway,each of us are intelligent in our own ways.we possess intelligence,It only depends on how we nurture it,how we use it in a proper way and hw we cntinue to outgrow it in every stage of our life,in every experience we encounter.
@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
20 May 08
Born intelligent? Intelligent begins when your parents speak to you from birth. Yes when you begins that baby talk. Some mothers do not talk with their children and because of this the child lack what expert says is understanding. Yes when you begins to talk with the newborn baby he/she cannot talk back but his/her eyes communicate with you or you will receive a smile. Now about 'master in my works ' that is not intelligent dexter that is initiative. Remember no one is perfect.
@INGA832 (1114)
• Russian Federation
20 May 08
I don't know if I was born intelligent, but I know that I was born with a talent to foreign languages.
@excellence7 (3477)
• Mauritius
20 May 08
I think no one is born intelligent because if it is like this then we must have been genius! We become intelligent through our academic paths and experiences in life. Being intelligent does not mean that we can do all work without mistakes, because to become really intelligent - we keep learning from our mistakes in order to never repeat them.
@kykidd (6820)
• United States
20 May 08
I think different people are intelligent in different fields. I myself seem to be really good in math. Whereas, other people I know are good in science, etc.