My food stockpile tips.

United States
May 20, 2008 7:24pm CST
Well I'm sure many of you are already stocking up when you can just as I am.And at present it is easier for me to do 25.00 to 50.00 at a time.I can get alot for that,as there are things that are inexpensive that we like to eat.Like tuna that I can get for .54 a can, treet for 1.00 a can,ramen noodles are dirt cheap,I got six boxes of mac and cheese for 2.00 recently.Sometimes I find real good deals on other canned meats and veggies,soups.If I find a good deal on meat I will get it for the freezer.I know which stores are cheapest on any item I want.I can get bread for .75 a loaf so I buy several loaves at a time and put in my freezer.I know one place to get eggs for .95 a dozen,but you can only store them for so long. I have always been a beans and potatoes kind of person,I don't tend to by the quick and easy.I love to cook,and most of what I cook is cheap. Anyway if your not real picky you could have alot of food put back without it costing a fortune.Even with the rising prices. Right now instant or canned potatoes tend to be cheaper than a bag,and they keep alot longer.And I buy dry beans of all kinds and fix them in my crock pot. I'm a coffee drinker so I always keep a couple of large cans of coffee ahead. I make alot of cornbread and buscuits from scratch too.
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@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
21 May 08
Yes I have just started buying extre things when they are on special, a thing my mother used to do, but I didn't know you could buy potatoes in a can, I have never seen this, I must check that out next time I am at a supermarket. I could do with a little more storage space though. It is a good idea to stock up when things a cheap.
• United States
21 May 08
Yea here in the US they are with the other canned vegetables.Usually by themselves or with green beans.They are small and round,you could boil them and mash them,or I suppose you could slice them and fry them a little.But you'll have potatoes none the less and they will keep just like the other canned stuff.Oh I love canned yams too.